R E N T A L   R E Q U I R E M E N T S

All Rental Applications must be accompanied by $100.00 per applicant made payable to GoodRock Realty, llc. The credit report will be processed immediately.

Letter of employment and a copy of the most recent paycheck stub. If self employed, a copy of income tax for two years.
A letter from current landlord.
State issued picture identification (Driver’s License or Passport)
Upon approval, Certified Checks payable to the landlord.
Please note that in order for an applicant to qualify for an apartment his/her total annual income must be equal or more than the monthly rent x 48 (combined incomes will not be accepted). If tenant does not meet our income requirement, a guarantor will be considered.
Guarantor’s income must be equal to or more than the monthly rent x 96.
Prospective guarantor must complete and application and provide first and signature pages of their income tax return.
Brokers must submit a copy of their Brokers license along with the Application.
This must be completed within 72 hours, or the apartment will go back on the market.